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ISAC and AOS Workshops, Meetings and Conference Presentations

2015: 49th CMOS (Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society) Congress & 13th American Society of Meteorology conference, Whistler, B. C., Canada
Tropics to Poles: Advancing Science at High Latitudes 

The Arctic Observing Summit: Progress towards an integrated, multipurpose and international Arctic Observing System - seminar

G. Ibarguchi, Maribeth Murray, P. Schlosser, L.-M. Van der Watt, and V. Rajdev

2015: Arctic Science Summit Week, Toyama, Japan (ASSW 2015)

ISAC members participated in several activities - please visit this link (reports and presentations available)

AOS poster - Ibarguchi et al. 2014

2014: Arctic Change 2014, Ottawa (ArcticNet Meeting)

THE ARCTIC OBSERVING SUMMIT 2013, 2014, 2016: Progress Towards an Integrated, Multipurpose, International Arctic Observing System

G. Ibarguchi, Maribeth Murray, P. Schlosser, V. Rajdev, and L.-M. S. Van der Watt (poster)

ISAC Town Hall at AGU 2014

2014: American Geophysical Union - AOS/ISAC Town Hall Meeting

Presentation: pdf


2014: American Geophysical Union and Arctic Change, Ottawa

Adapting Research Agendas and Observing Programs for Responding to Arctic Change

Maribeth S. Murray, Peter Schlosser, Lize-Marie van der Watt, Judy Fahnestock, Vinay Rajdev, Gabriela Ibarguchi and Kent Spiers


(Other recent presentations will be uploaded shortly)



2008: Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks 2nd Workshop - Edmonton

2008: Arctic Forum, Tipping Points: The Arctic and Global Change - Washington, D.C.shington DC, 2008


2007: Town Hall, American Geophysical Union - San Francisco

2007: Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON) 1st Workshop - Stockholm


2007: Arctic Forum -  Washington, May 2007