Photo: G. Ibarguchi


Input and Collaboration

Funding, postings and other opportunities
  • Share your story on Arctic environmental change and adaptation. The impact of a changing Arctic is witnessed around the world. How is your community, livelihood, and/or work affected? What opportunities are available for forecasting change, implementing mitigation strategies and adaptation? How does your personal experience, knowledge and knowledge, community, country, sector or industry contribute to adaptation? ISAC is interested in dialogue to facilitate knowledge-sharing, generating solutions, identifying gaps and priorities, making science accessible, addressing challenges, and learning from case studies and experiences. Please contact us to share your story through participation in our events, presentations, and publications.
  • Postings. Opportunities at the ISAC Program Office or postings for our collaborative projects and activities will be posted here. Please visit again soon!
  • Funding. The ISAC International Program Office and our international partners are always participating in new funding opportunities for supporting Arctic initiatives, research, workshops, publications, outreach, and meetings. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting our work or if you wish to collaborate with us.