ISAC Science Questions

The ISAC research and synthesis activities are guided by the following Science Questions. A full description of the ISAC Program can be found in the ISAC Science Plan (download it here).

1. How is the Arctic linked to global change?

2. How persistent is the presently observed arctic change and is it unique?

3. How large is the anthropogenic component of observed arctic change compared to natural variability?

4. What are many aspects of arctic change amplified with respect to global conditions?

5. How well can arctic change be projected and what is needed to improve projections?

6. What are the adaptive capacities and resilience of arctic ecological systems?

7. To what extent are ecological systems able to adapt to the effects of arctic change?

8. How does environmental change in the Arctic affect the resilience, adaptive capacity, and ultimately the viability of human communities?

9. How can new insights into arctic change and its impacts be translated into solutions for increased adaptation, management, and mitigation?