• Observing Change: An international, integrated, comprehensive, and sustained Arctic observing system responsive to scientific and societal needs for information on Arctic change.
  • Understanding Change: To improve projections of the Arctic system and identify emerging issues.
  • Responding to Change: Developing and communicating science for problem solving, managing, and adapting to future Arctic changes.file:


  • ISAC is a program that provides a scientific and organizational framework focused around its key science questions for pan-Arctic research including long-term planning and priority setting.
  • ISAC establishes new and enhances existing synergies among scientists and stakeholders engaged in Arctic environmental research and governance.
  • ISAC promotes observations, synthesis, and modeling activities to provide an integrated understanding of the past, present and future Arctic environment needed for responding to change.
  • ISAC fosters links between Arctic environmental change initiatives and relevant global programs.
  • ISAC, in collaboration with partner organizations, provides authoritative and timely scientific information to stakeholders and decision-makers for responding to rapid Arctic environmental change.